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Website Design

We specialise in building website design in Hong Kong. We utilise WordPress to build websites for corporate, SMBs and eCommerce companies.


We have extensive experience with SEO. Our approach focuses heavily on content marketing, content strategy and link building. We do not utilise any black-hat methods.

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Social Media

With our experience on content, we manage social media accounts on the major channels including Facebook, Instagram, Weixin (WeChat) and LinkedIn.


Paid Ads

We have experience managing high-spending advertising accounts that spend 6-figures per month on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. ROI is our focus.

We hired Adrien for web design and social media marketing at our startup Parent Genie, and we were very impressed. Before we even spoke, Adrien reached out with marketing insights that aligned perfectly with our own strategy. Adrien had clearly done his research, and showed in subsequent meetings that he knew his stuff in digital marketing.

Above all, though, Adrien was focused on results – upon our request, he finished our web design within 2 days. And he didn’t just make things pretty, but prioritised driving users to respond to our call-to-action.

We’d highly recommend any other company to talk with Adrien about their marketing needs!


Our Story

StepOne Web Design is created by a group of digital marketers from Hong Kong, who see the need for a websites that not only look good, but also convert. 

Hong Kong web design companies may not have the expertise to do digital marketing such as SEO, social media marketing and content marketing. Digital marketing agencies in Hong Kong usually outsource any website design work.

We hope to create a one-stop shop to fill this gap because we believe a conversion-optimised website is the cornerstone for a successful digital marketing strategy.

Our Process



Let us understand your need through a call. No commitment. Advice is free!



Let us impress you with a personalised, detailed plan of action.



Let the game begins. Let us deliver our first, second and final draft accordingly.



Maintenance package is included so you do not have to worry about anything.

Our Blog

香港中小企做Digital Marketing 常犯的兩個個錯

在香港,digital marketing 不算非常受到重視。無錯,根據PWC的研究,香港的總體廣告消費將會由去年的45億美金,於2022年增加到58億。 可是,大部分的增長都是來自大品牌、大公司。對於一般中小企而言,digital marketing仍然不是他們十分熟悉的宣傳渠道。 事實上,很多中小企在做digital marketing的時候,都會犯以下兩種低級錯誤。 作為中小企的你只要能避免這些錯誤,就已經贏了大部分同級的競爭對手! 第一:沒有一個mobile responsive的網站 現今世代,大部分人機不離手,這層不需要數據都能知道吧! 因此,大部分瀏覽你的網站的人,都會通過手機到達。一個不是mobile repsonsive的網站,不能因應不同屏幕尺寸(如:電腦、手機、平板)而自動改變外觀,導致瀏覽者有很差的瀏覽體驗。 現代人的注意力就如金魚一般,看到這種網頁只會立即離開。 這樣你就浪費了一個獲得顧客的機會,也浪費了花在Facebook或Google 的廣告費了! 事實上,Google也將Mobile Friendly列為Ranking Factor之一:換句話說,如果你的網站不是mobile respsonsive,將會影響你在Google 的排名! 因此,今天mobile responsive的網站實在是基本。 將網站變成mobile responsive,更能改善用家對你公司的印象,提高他們停留在網站的時間,增加他們變成顧客的機會。

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