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5 Best Free Web Design Courses You Can Take Right Now

Today, websites are considered as a proof of authenticity of a business. Since 80% of the world’s population that uses Internet prefer to go to the search engine to search for your business’s online presence i.e. website, therefore it is important to have a website designed for your business.

However, getting a website designed is a tedious task. Designing a website is not difficult! But the difficulty lies in the user experience (UX) your website offers and how attractive and simple it is. Yet you do not have to worry! With the increase in demand of the website designs, there have been various schools and online tech sites who have streamlined free web design courses. You can use these free web design courses in order to learn and develop your own website. Here we have listed five best vendors who offer these courses for free.

  1. Code Academy

Web design course by Code Academy is considered as one of the best web design courses out there. Starting from simple tutorials on HTML, JavaScript, PHP and CSS, Code Academy offers a complete course for website designing. With no need to pay anything, enjoy the perks of learning web designing.

  1. W3Schools

W3Schools is considered as one of the very first online website trainer websites. Most of the people, preferably beginners always resort to w3schools to learn and practice web designing for free. With a comprehensive course, learning to design a website was never this easy as it is with w3schools. This virtual school has a separate course for each and every module of web design and development so that nothing is missed out on when you make your website.

  1. MSDN

MSDN is basically Microsoft’s channel for delivering training material. HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals is the course offered for beginners only for free. Familiarize yourself with HTML5, website basics, CSS3 styles and other web feature, going step-by-step through the 21 episodes. Get this course today and start working out on your website.

  1. Code Avengers

Designed specifically for beginners, Code Avengers offers more than 100 lesson on web designing. This website has course contents composed on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and website design, all that you need to be an expert web designer. Whether you want to learn it yourself or add it up as course/ training material, you can get these lessons free of cost!

  1. Mozilla School of Webcraft

Mozilla School of Webcraft is basically a web forum where hundreds of courses on web designing and development are offered. With an active and experienced community, the course helps the beginners grow efficiently and effectively. This web academy has outlined the course so that you can learn HTML, CSS and PHP in a short span of time and nothing keeps you from making your own website.

This is all from our side. We suggest you to go through these free web design courses in order to have a classy website for your business.




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