7 Benefits Of A Responsive Web Design

Whenever a user visits a website, he or she first notices how responsive, fast, quick and easy to load the website is. Responsive websites have more advantages than a unresponsive website. And that is the reason most website owners prefer responsive web design templates. Here we will talk about some special benefits of a responsive web design.

  1. Better User Experience

This is the first and most important benefit of a responsive web design. As stated earlier, users prefer websites that are responsive, take lesser time to load and respond quickly. Over 40% users never visit a website again that takes more than five seconds or they have a bad experience due to poor web design. Always use responsive web design templates for your sites.

  1. Better Loading Time

The responsive web design templates are designed in a way that when used the site becomes quick and loads faster. If you are running a product website where the users have to stay for a long time and do multiple activities, it must be fast and load immediately. Otherwise, user never try to come again and make any purchases.

Even Google acknowledges that by ranking websites with better loading speed higher in search results.

  1. Higher Conversion Rates

Nothing disturbs or irritates a user more than a slow, sluggish and unresponsive website. People don’t have much time these days and they want things to be done within minutes. When a website succeeds in impressing its users, they wish to return for next purchase. They continue to buying products from the same site and refer to others as well. Ultimately, the conversion rate of the site increases.

  1. More Mobile Traffic

This is the quality of a responsive web design template that it offers awesome and great user experience on mobile versions of the website. Over 60% users in the US browse websites through their cell phones. When you will have a responsive website, this traffic come will ultimately return and the retention rate will improve over the time.

  1. Low Maintenance

If you don’t use a responsive web design, you will need two different sites; one for the desktop version and other for mobile users. This leads to an increased cost and expensive maintenance. While on the contrary, a responsive website manages both the versions simultaneously and you will not need to devise two types of design, content templates and images for your site.

  1. Improved SEO of Site

When it comes to the factor that determine ranking of the site, responsive design is one of these. Google develops rankings of the sites considering different factors and a responsive web design has a great role. When the SEO is done, it becomes a lot easier to rank the responsive website on top as compared to unresponsive web designs.

  1. More Social Sharing

People really love responsive websites. They talk about sites that load quickly, images appear instantly and the pages show in less than two seconds. With this, they also like to share content of good websites as this also determines their choice in preferring certain websites. They don’t want to read comments on their posts like the site is not loading or it takes a lot of time to load a single image.


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