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7 Best Places To Find Free Web Design Templates

Finding a web template for your website might be a tricky task. If you want a unique and attractive design, the developers and designers will charge a lot of money. And finding some good but free web templates is not really easy. So we have made this post to make it easy for everyone to find the best templates. Here is where you can find best free web design templates.

  1. Free Templates Online

This website will be of great help for people looking to find some attractive, innovative and modern-day free web design templates. The interface of the site is simple and there are thousands of templates available. You can search and explore by categories and keywords.

  1. Inspire

Unlike the first one, this has a limited number of templates but they are really good for anyone who needs a unique design for their blog or business website. The templates are pretty good but the site doesn’t provide demos of the templates, making it a less visited site. However, it can be helpful in finding innovative web design ideas.

  1. Free CSS Templates

There are around one thousand templates on the website that have been replicated. It is very simple to explore the templates with a friendly and easy to use interface. Demos have also been attached with the designs and people can watch demos before they decide upon a template.

  1. Styleshout

The site aims to provide people with high quality web design for their websites. The website has a number of categories that are helpful in finding relevant web designs for your needs. The blog page also helps readers learn more about the web design, new trends, which kind of designs their site may need etc. This is really a good site if you are looking for free website design templates.

  1. Free Website Templates

This web design template site is simple in design and contains hundreds of cool website design templates for anyone. There are some free while others are paid. If you can afford to buy paid templates, you can go with that otherwise you can select from the free available templates. This site also has a blog page where you can learn more about templates and web designs.

  1. Free Themes 4 All

This site is a kind of complete guide for people looking to find free web design templates. There are all kinds of templates, for desktop and mobile versions of the sites as well. Moreover, the categories like WordPress designs, CMS themes, SEO tutorials make it a reliable platform for learning about web templates and more about websites. Over 1000 templates have been added in the library of the site.

  1. Metamorphozis

This site seems to be better than other sites mentioned here. The reason is every template shows preview and download options with the number of downloads of every theme. The number of downloads determine how good and useful a theme is helping users be more selective in their web templates. This can be a great platform to find your desired web templates.



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