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Web Design For Beginners – 5 Web Design Mistakes That Visitors Hate

Running your own website is a daunting task as it requires a lot of time and effort. You must know that the website traffic matters a lot in making your business successful and thus it is important to improve the website presence on the web.

A good web design plays an important role here and it contributes to the increase of visitors on your website. You should know that your visitors hate it when the website doesn’t have a user-friendly interface and lacks the basic features. The websites designed in the early days of the internet are an example of that as people didn’t have that many tools which we have today. If you don’t want your visitors to hate your website and leave it immediately, go through these web design mistakes and try your best to avoid them. Following are the biggest web design mistakes that visitors hate. Great tips for web design for beginners and pros alike!

  1. No Responsive Design

A responsive design is now one of the most important things that every website should have. A responsive website is the one that can adjust to the screen of any device such as mobile, laptop, iPad, tablet, or even PS4. No matter which device the visitor is using, he/she shouldn’t have any trouble viewing it. The form of the website adjusts accordingly to the screen and the user doesn’t have to scroll right or left to view the content.

  1. Excessive Pop-Ups

Okay. It should be a in web design for beginners books and courses. Many (read; all) visitors hate when there are excessive pop-ups appearing on the website. This can cause a disruption in viewing the website content. If you’re really interested in using the pop-ups, you can use them in moderation so that the visitors don’t get irritated. Also, keep on tracking them for effectiveness and make them smart so that only appear for those visitors who are interested.

  1. Auto Play Videos/Audios

Some people enjoy silent browsing and what irritates them is the sudden sound that plays when they are viewing the website content. This may be a video or audio that has been uploaded on the site with an auto play feature. Auto play is a cancer to any website and irritate the heck out of visitors. Don’t do that. Include multimedia content with a play button.

You may think if Facebook is getting away with it, why can’t I. Well, your website is not Facebook, for starters. And almost all the pro users turn the auto play feature off.

  1. Clutter

White space creates a positive and clean impact on the visitor and you must not forget that. Creativity is always a good thing but you must remember that you shouldn’t put all the things and features into a particular space because visitors hate that. A cluttered page makes the visitors confused and they don’t find what they want and then leave the page.

  1. Unchanged Color of Visited Links

Another irritating thing that the visitors face on a particular website is the unchanged color of the visited links. For example, there are too many links on a website and the user is visiting them one by one, he/she will find it very frustrating if the color of the visited links remains unchanged because then all the links will get mixed up. This can cause navigational disorientation for the visitor and it must be avoided by the web designer.


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