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Where To Get Online Web Design Courses

The rise in the use of Internet has brought in the concept of websites. Websites have been there from the very beginning however website is not just what we see. Websites are made under a proper protocol i.e. you have to design the website first and then you will go into the development phase and finally you can publish your website online after getting the domain name and hosting. This may seem a simple process yet it is not.

You need to learn how to design the website and how to develop a website into a success story. The most important part of making a website is the design of the website. And you can learn to design websites using the online web design courses.

Various online web design courses are available online; free as well as paid. Here we have listed top 5 those courses.

  1. Udacity

Udacity offer Intro to HTML and CSS for beginners in web design field. Combining interactive quizzes, videos, practices and monitoring, the course will help you in learning advance website designing and development. To top it off, this 3-week course is absolutely free.

  1. Coursera

Coursera is a virtual academy that offers various course on different fields of study from various universities. Its specifically designed course for web designing is Introduction to HTML, a course from University of Michigan. You can learn about web designing basics and advance concepts here; you just need to put in 2-3 hours per week to get done with the course successfully.

  1. Alison

Discover interesting web designing concepts via the web design course on Alison which will help you greatly in web designing. A course publishes by Advanced Learning Center, this web course, spanning over 15 hours, is all that you need to get yourself familiarize with web designing. On the top of it, the course is free of cost so you can get the leaning material and enjoy website designing.

  1. Code School – Plural Sight

Code School of Plural Sight offers a fundamental course on web designing and development. You can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ruby through this course. Unlike the other courses, you need to pay $25-$29 a month to keep benefiting from this course along with a seven day free trial. It has recently been upgraded to Plural sight.

  1. Udemy

Udemy is one of the best online programming learning and training schools. Whether you want to jump into learning new skills set or enhance existing skillset it comes to help you. It offers a paid course on web designing that covers every module, from beginners to the advanced levels of web designing. Like Code School, Udemy is a paid resource for web design courses however, there are modules that you can learn without having to pay any penny.

Website designing is an art not everyone is aware of. However, you can always learn designing a website using any of the above online web design courses. Therefore, do give it a try and do wonders.





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